AristophanesAsclepius - Excerpts from Aristophanes Wealth a...

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Excerpts from Aristophanes’ Wealth , a comic drama in which two Athenians seek to heal the blind god Ploutos (=Wealth) and by doing so banish poverty from Greece Khremylos: But I have thought the matter well over, and the best thing is to make Ploutos lie in the Temple of Asklepios. Blepsidemos: Unquestionably that's the very best thing. Hurry and lead him away to the temple." -Aristophanes Wealth 410 [---------------------] Khremylos: Let us make haste to put Ploutos to bed in the Temple of Asklepios . .. Kario, bring the coverlets and all that I have got ready from the house; let us conduct the god to the temple, taking care to observe all the proper rites. (Kario comes out of the house with a bundle under one arm and leading Ploutos with the other. Khremylos and Blepsidemos join him and all four of them depart.) . .. Leader of the Chorus: My good fellow, what has happened to your friends? You seem the bearer of good tidings. Kario: What joy—for my master and even more for Ploutos! The god has regained his sight; his eyes sparkle with the greatest brilliancy, thanks to the benevolent care of Asklepios . .. Leader of the Chorus: I will sing to the honour of Asclepius, the son of illustrious Zeus, with a resounding voice; he is the beneficent star which men adore . ..
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AristophanesAsclepius - Excerpts from Aristophanes Wealth a...

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