norm violation

norm violation - I rizarr 1 Bianca I rizarry Deviance in US...

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Unformatted text preview: I rizarr 1 Bianca I rizarry Deviance in US Society Norm Violation Recitation Fri. 8am TA: Jesse Smith T HE WAY WE CUT … Self injury : intentionally inflicting some type of injury on oneself without the intention committing suicide (Wikipedia). This is just a simple, technical definition of what self injury (SI) really is. To those who do self injure it is something more than just inflicting some form of pain on yourself; it is a way of feeling alive and of letting go of all the hurt you may be feeling inside. I was one of those people, for quite some time I used to cut myself. It took quite some time for me to stop and even then I still had the urge to cut when things got rough and I felt depressed. I t took over a year for the feeling of wanting to cut to completely subside and now I don’t even consider doing it, but I’ve still got scars left to remind me, and others, of a dark and difficult time in my life. I rizarr 2 I knew that cutting was self-indulgent and going against the values I held as well as those held by society but for some reason I continued to cut. I tried to hide it for as long as I possibly could but after a while keeping it a secret began to get in the way. I would cut on my ankle because I knew that it would be easier to cover the scars and when I would cut inside my arm I’d make sure to wear long sleeves. I did anything in my power to keep in under wraps but after a while it started to become more difficult to hide it, especially when...
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norm violation - I rizarr 1 Bianca I rizarry Deviance in US...

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