deviance- exam 2 review

deviance- exam 2 review - Counterfeit secrecy helping the...

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Redefining the situation is turning it around on the other person where as identity substitution is a type of cover story Activism - activist groups who promote a change in what society views as deviant. Activist groups are usually in the tertiary stage of deviance (which is when people embrace their deviant identities) Disidentifiers- try to do something to distance you from the perceived deviant act. Wall of secrecy – look for clues in the question such as “interferes with her relationships with friends. “
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Unformatted text preview: Counterfeit secrecy- helping the other person save face by not saying anything about their deviance even though you know it is there Instrumental alienative- people band together to try to change a particular issue in society that they as a group disagree on. They are standing outside the dominant society. The secret is getting in the way- basically, keeping the secret is getting in the way of their normal day to day lives and relationships...
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