Beauty-essay - Beauty a measurement of happiness 1:00-2:30...

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Beauty: a measurement of happiness 1:00-2:30 Two girls walk into a classroom. The first girl’s name is Lisa. She isn’t very pleasing to the eyes. She wears dark and drab clothing, to not attract attention. Walking hurriedly to her seat, she talks to no one on her way. During class she never raises her hand, and is willing to fade into the background. The second girl’s name is Lisa. She is easy on the eyes. Wearing bright and revealing clothes, she wants everyone to stare at her. Walking leisurely to her seat, she chit chats the entire way with various people. During class she always raises her hand, and loves being the center of attention. Which Lisa would you remember? Which Lisa would you prefer to be head of your class? Which Lisa has a brighter future ahead of her? Our world revolves around outside appearances. Many contemporary political analysists claim that if Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he would not win a presidential election. Not because of his political views, or even because of that ridiculous hat. But because he was ugly. To be a leader in the modern world, the first requisite is good looks. Values, morals, and qualifications ride a close second. During my junior year, I was in an honors math class. The people in this class could be divided into two categories; dorks and preps. Despite our social differences, we
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Beauty-essay - Beauty a measurement of happiness 1:00-2:30...

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