Assignment #3 for BA 243

Assignment #3 for BA 243 - Imran Farooqui BA 243...

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Imran Farooqui BA 243 6/6/08 Assignment #3 Alternative dispute resolutions are, in layman’s terms, ways of resolving an issue or concern. Usually companies establish these types of clauses in order to save themselves from going into long-term situations, which would cause them to lose millions of dollars. This is becoming more common within commercial litigation. It is a safety net for many companies, however companies must ask themselves if they should put in this clause in a product that they have had recalls and faulty notices for in the past. There are four types of alternative dispute resolutions. The first type is negotiation, where participation is voluntary and there is no third party who facilitates the process or imposes a resolution. An example of this would be when a salesman is selling a car to a person. Secondly, there is mediation, where a third party (mediator) facilitates the resolution process and suggests a resolution but does not impose the resolution. Thirdly, there is collaborative law, where each party has an attorney who facilitates the process
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Assignment #3 for BA 243 - Imran Farooqui BA 243...

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