Assignment #4 for BA 243

Assignment #4 for BA 243 - Imran Farooqui BA 243...

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Imran Farooqui BA 243 6/14/08 Assignment #4 We all know about the typical fast food chain. Even though it is greasy and disgusting at times, we still eat it because it is “fast” food and people need to eat something fast always. However, what is unknown to some is that fast food chains end up being a popular place for unwanted litigation from people. Lawsuits are thrown about constantly at fast food chains for a variety of reasons, ranging from employee treatment to bad meals that are served. In the end, companies must be able to protect themselves from these types of grievances. When we look at grievances, it must be understood how the customer is protected from injury. If there is a defect in the product being sold, and the consumer takes damages for using that product, they can sue the company for many things. For one thing, if the consumer starts having health problems, the person can sue the fast food chain for anything from deceptive labeling to giving the person health problems. For example, about 5 years
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Assignment #4 for BA 243 - Imran Farooqui BA 243...

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