Assignment #5 for BA 243

Assignment #5 for BA 243 - Imran Farooqui BA 243...

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Imran Farooqui BA 243 6/20/08 Assignment #5 Contracts are what basically run everything in this world. It binds us to deals with other people and creates the law around us. Whether it is a bill that you sign for a purchase, a contract to buy an establishment, or suing someone, we live and breathe contracts. The one contract that I will look at is a stock purchase agreement. A stock purchase agreement is a contract to transfer ownership of stocks from the seller to the purchaser. When writing the agreement, there are many provisions that must be put into the agreement. The date of the transaction, the number of stock certificates, the price of the share, specifying the name of the corporation whose stock is being sold in the transaction and many other things outline a contract in the purchase of stocks. Also, representations and warranties of the seller are very important. This warrants the corporation as being legally able to issue the stock and that the corporation is in good standing. Validation of the stock owned by the seller is also mentioned along with the
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Assignment #5 for BA 243 - Imran Farooqui BA 243...

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