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Dr. Wyman Eng 102 5/3/06 Priorities Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock by Wallace Stevens was written as a way for the author to express his negative sentiments over the social conditions of his era. In the poem, the privileged people, while having money and possessions, are without imagination. Without imagination, their lives are dull and devoid of happiness. Stevens himself led a fairly life. He attended Harvard and eventually became a lawyer. He got married and even had children. But he must have noticed things we awry. He had all of this money and prestige, and yet still wasn’t happy. The random people on the street he encountered even appeared to have more going for them than him. He strived to understand the key to happiness, and conveyed that message with his poetry. The houses are haunted By white night-gowns In his opening of the Disillusionment, Stevens is describing the middle/upper middle class. They aren’t really living, they are merely haunting their houses. Fleeting images of people long ago forgotten. Their plain white night gowns they don every night,
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PoemEssay - Dr. Wyman Eng 102 5/3/06 Priorities...

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