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Short Story Journal1 - Eng 102 Reading Journal 1 By 1 In...

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Eng 102 Reading Journal 1 By 1. In “A &P” by John Updike, When Sammy says “I felt how hard the world was going to be to me hereafter.” he was being over dramatic. The world will not be hard for him. He didn't give up anything important, merely a low paying demeaning job. The world will only be hard until he finds another career. If by some off chance the world will be hard for him, it will be only his fault. He had the wild idea of impressing the “queen” of the flock, but ended up without her and without a job. It would have been a more impact departing if Sammy wasn’t easily replaceable. But as soon as he leaves Lengel was “in his place” (216). He didn't quit for any moral reason, but because of an unbased fantasy he dreamt up in his mind. Pathetic doesn't begin to describe him. He looking around for “his girls, but they’re gone” (216). They were never his girls to begin with. It was all just his imagination gone awry, and because of that, he is now jobless. 2. In the “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, the narrator’s attitude towards his wife’s friend is fairly hostile in the beginning and middle of the story. “A blind man in my house was not something I looked forward to” (260). This is because of two reasons. The first is because he is an old male friend of his wife’s. Jealousy is a common emotion among men. Unless all of our women folks friends are women, we tend to be wary and keep and eye on any men near our designated “territory.” The second reason is because of the man’s obvious prejudice. He doesn’t believe a blind man is up to par to a normal man, let alone a man that is his wife’s friend. At the end of the story, something very ironic happened. The wife was forgotten, and
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the visitor and the husband bonded. The husband began to see that this man wasn’t anything bad or someone to be scorned, but some one to learn from and to be friends with. When the husband says “”It’s really something, “I said.“ he is referring to his own awakening that this blind man is a man, just like himself. 3.
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Short Story Journal1 - Eng 102 Reading Journal 1 By 1 In...

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