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History Bonus Assignment - The purpose of Colonization as...

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The purpose of Colonization as depicted in movie “The Mission” MWF 10:30-11:30 Discussion Questions: 1. Who were the two conflicting colonial powers? The two conflicting colonial powers competing for power in the Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil region of Mesoamerica were Portugal and Spain. 2. What was their purpose for being there? Spain and Portugal’s reasons for being in Mesoamerica were many. They were trying to conquer the land, obtain raw materials, obtain more land for their empire, and although only Portugal officially endorsed slavery, were there for slaves. None of these motives were questionable at that time, because might made right. 3. What role did the church play in the conflict between the colonials and native tribes? The church was a mediator between Spain, Portugal, and the natives when borders were re assessed. The decision of whether or not to let Portugal enslave the converts living in the mission fell on the Church’s shoulders. Focus Questions:
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1. Why did the natives tie the missionary to a cross and send him over the waterfall? Although not documented in the movie, one can infer what happened to the poor missionary. He probably came off as too haughty, preaching the word of God and denouncing the locals’ religious beliefs. Angered, they tied him to his God’s cross and put thorns over his head, like a mock Jesus, and sent him from their village down the river as a message to the White Man. 2.
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History Bonus Assignment - The purpose of Colonization as...

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