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Director project - The 103 WEB Steele Directorial Concept...

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The 103 WEB Steele 11/5/06 Directorial Concept Project: The Mousetrap In The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie, a very interesting story line is taking place. The Ralston’s are just starting their own guest house business, with their first guests arriving as the play starts out. Aside from the tension of odd guests, there suddenly is a twist to the plot. A murderer might be amongst them. The rest of the play pits each of the characters against one another trying to figure out who the murderer is before he or she strikes again. When Aristotle describes his three unities, he believed if a play followed all three it would give the audience the greatest pleasure. Of the three unities, The Mousetrap follows the unity of action and unity of place most closely. The play has one broad plot, to find the killer in the houseful of people. The play also takes place entirely within the confines of Monkswell manor, with the action taking place within the main room. The Mousetrap could be described as having the unity of time, but not entirely. The play itself lasts for two days, and obviously the play itself doesn’t last for 48 hours. But it could also be argued that because the play starts in the evening, transitions into the next morning, then closes around the evening of that day that the unity of time is preserved over the course of a day. So while have the unity of action and place, it can be argued that
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Director project - The 103 WEB Steele Directorial Concept...

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