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Dr Welch HIS140 4/18/07 Take Home Exam Question Two: Important developments in the History of Vermont to 1791 To understand Vermont, one has to break up its development into parts. The first part of Vermont history is the history of ‘the Grants’ to 1775. Vermont started out as a dispute between New York and New Hampshire. New York based its claims on Vermont to a grant in 1664 from James, the Duke of York. New Hampshire was ordered to put troops in Vermont during the French and Indian wars, therefore saw it as defended territory, and therefore saw it as their own. ‘The Grants’ were French and Indian war vets, who were granted land by either New Hampshire or new York to Vermont land. People began to bump into one another, disputes arose, and in 1764 the Crown decided the border, along the Connecticut River. This began the history of Yankees v Yorkers. New Hampshire settlers options were now restricted to buying the land legally from New York. But New York society didn’t mold into the New England tradition. New York had appointed rather than elected officials, and had a tenant system rather than a freehold system. Disputed titles from New Hampshire arose, and New York would then require anyone with a deed to come down and prove the title in Albany. Ethan Allen would head down to New York to represent the people. He loses, but ends with the quote ‘the gods of the hills are not the gods of the valley.’
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Based out of Bennington’s Catamount Tavern, Ethan and his ‘green mountain boys’ (vigilantes and militia) would harass any incoming Yorkers. They then formed the Onion River land company, and bought up all of the New Hampshire titles. If they would ever prove the validity of the titles, they would really be worth something. In 1775, the ‘Westminster Massacre’ occurs. People were losing claims to the New York legal system, began being boisterous, and the local sheriff panicked and fired into the ground. Ethan used this as a way to get people riled up enough to revolt against New York. During 1775-1777, Vermont people were revolting not only against the New Yorkers, but also against the British The primary invasion route of New England was by water, therefore the green mountain boys took Fort Ticonderoga to block the passage of an invading British Army. Ethan hoped they could use this as leverage with the Continental Congress to establish Vermont. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen
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Take Home Exam-1 - Dr Welch HIS140 4/18/07 Take Home Exam...

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