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Musical theatre is a reflection of the social milieu that produces it. What issues of social importance have been explored by the musical theatre in the past 75 years? What current issues would be most appropriate for exploration in the musical theatre genre? To more endear itself to audiences of the time, musical comedies attempted to instill deep moral issues into its performances. They tackled the issue of interracial marriage, probed deep into the governmental world with scathing political satire, empowering women, unsettling the audience with portents of uncertain future, portrayed gang warfare, and challenged the prudishness of Americans concerning sexuality. In modern times, musical theatre could talk about a number of different issues facing America. Topics such as: acceptance of diversity of homosexuals, racial tolerance, portraying the need of the poor, understanding of the Muslim religion in post 9-11 hysteria, and the problem of obesity in America. How did various musical idioms (jazz, ragtime, vaudeville, etc.) feed into the
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