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Literature Review - Kaupke 1 Kirk F Kaupke Ms Stacy Allen...

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Kaupke 1 Kirk F. Kaupke Ms. Stacy Allen ENGL 1213 March 10, 2008 Literature Review The recent debate on global climate change has spurred the research for an efficient alternative energy source. Many experts have researched several different types of alternative energy but all the solutions seem to lack in two areas: energy efficiency and cost efficiency. Some experts say hydrogen fuel cells are leading the development stage of alternative energy, while other experts claim hydrogen is not stable and dangerous for everyone involved in the process. Biodiesel seems to be the closet to being implicated and the energy and cost efficiency are both exceptional. Recent research shows emissions of carbon dioxide during the biodiesel process are higher than the emissions for fossil fuels. Emission rates of carbon dioxide are a key reason why people are looking for an alternative energy source, which defeats the purpose of biodiesel. Are any alternative energy sources both energy and cost efficient? As experts have shown through research and experiments there are reliable alternative energy sources that are cost and energy efficient. The rising cost of gasoline is forcing people to ask for an alternative fuel source (Morris). There are several different types of alternate fuel sources each with its own drawbacks. Hydrogen fuel cells and biofuels are currently the fuel sources researched the most as an alternative (Hordeski). Cost efficiency is the number one downside to alternative fuel sources. While the cost efficiency has become extremely important
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Kaupke 2 recent studies are suggesting that just because the alternative may not be a fossil fuel does not mean that it will be good for the environment (Simon). The debate concerning the most marketable and distributable alternative energy sources have been narrowed down to biodiesel and hydrogen fuel cells. Peggy Ussery, a newspaper columnist specializing in the research of alternative energy, has uncovered several different examples where companies have developed a cost and energy efficient method for producing an alternative energy. Zyler Rogers, an expert on the development of alternative energy, became acquainted with the expansion of the biodiesel advancements through the many research experiments he conducts. Gordon Harbison, considered an expert by peers on the alternative energy source of Landfill Gas, discusses the many advantages and benefits of using the waste of landfills and converting it the a
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Literature Review - Kaupke 1 Kirk F Kaupke Ms Stacy Allen...

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