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Rhetorical Essay - Thomas Paine came to America from...

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Thomas Paine came to America from England, and established himself as one of the most respectable writers of his time. After he came to America in 1774, Thomas Paine wrote a number of essays and books which use concise, to-the-point language persuading the reader to follow his beliefs. Thomas Paine believes American colonials were simply expressing their God given rights which England had imposed upon for such a long time. Paine explains that all men originate from the same creator and therefore poses the same rights. Thomas Paine uses logic, from the bible, to explain the undeniable "natural" and "civil" rights of humans. Thomas Paine, a strong believer in God, uses ideas from the Bible which will strongly help establish a connection between himself and the reader. Since the Bible is also considered to be one of the highest authorities in 1792, Paine also is able to draw logical conclusions from self-evident truths.
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