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Dr. Oliver Hooper HIS 202 3/7/2006 MIDTERM EXAM # 1 1. The study of history requires you to focus upon the subject within one of three separate constructs. Name all three. To effectively study history, one has to focus upon at least one of three constructs: significant events, significant people, and significant time periods. 2. The contradiction of the founding fathers’ belief in equality and their rationalization for the 3/5 compromise raises modern-day revisionist belief in their: When penning the constitution, the founding fathers uncovered an issue that would plague the United States until it’s animosity would culminate in the Civil War. And that issue was slavery. The south was worried about northern representation in the House of Representatives because of their larger population, so, as a compromise, the north agreed to count every slave as 3/5 of a person in the population. This leads one to believe the founding fathers perception and commitment to equality was skewed. By penning inequality into the constitution, and being deliberately vague in the wording of the constitution regarding women and other minorities, it shows the lack of desire for the founding fathers to fight the battle for equality, or maybe because they simply didn’t believe in it for minorities and women.
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What was the conflict between the North and South over the western territories after America’s victory in the War of 1812? Discuss: Following the war of 1812, the emerging nation of the United States realized that its land to the west of the Mississippi was at risk. If the area in question was no populated by Americans, others would move in and stake their claim. Possibly trying to establish a foothold for a future invasion of the U.S. But there was a problem in populating these newly defined territories. After deciding that a territory could enter the union if it had a set number of population, it would have to enter either as slave or free. A balance of power had been sustained between the free and slave states in representation, an upset to that balance could lead either the north to impose its will on the south, or the south to impose its will on the north. To remedy this problem, many emerging states petitions for statehood were denied and delayed, allowing another state to enter at the same time. One would be slave, one would be free. By entering two by two, the balance of power in the government was maintained. 4. What was the Amistad case about? The Amistad involved a case of kidnapped Africans. They were brought to a slave fortress, and sold to Spanish mercenaries. During the voyage at sea, the slaves managed to break free and kill most of the Spaniards. The ship eventually founds its way into American waters, where the slaves were jailed.
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Midterm - Dr Oliver Hooper HIS 202 MIDTERM EXAM 1 1 The...

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