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1 Dr. Hooper World Civilization 1 20 September 2006 Quest For Fire Critical Assessment QUESTIONS 1. What function did the fire serve for this tribe? The fire served several functions for the cave-dwelling tribe. The first would be protection from wildlife. Roving animals that may be able to overpower some of the tribe members, would be run off if threatened by a burning brand. The second function is power. The fire served as a status symbol, placing the cave dwelling tribe in a rung above other tribes that lack the power of fire. The third function is pure survival. The fire provides heat during the cold months, and thoroughly cooks meat; stripping it of any bacteria that might inhabit the meat. The last function is weapon forging. The cave men were seen using the fire to hone tools used to sharpen their wooden weapons. 2. Which of the two groups ( the cave group and the attacking group) appear to be of a higher level of development? Judging from the limited time on-screen the attacking group spent, it was easy to see that the cave dwelling group appeared to be a higher level of development. The cave dwelling group had an ongoing fire, which the attacking group seemed to lack. Acquiring that fire was the purpose for the entire raid. The cave group also appears to be only group of the two that wore clothing. This suggests that their intellect allowed them to construct clothing from hides of animals to wear. Lastly, the honing of wooden weapons into sharp spears by the cave tribe shows their dominance; whereas the attacking group seemed to only use blunt clubs as weapons. 3. If you were to classify them, which one would be homo sapiens? If i were to classify them, the cave dwelling group would be the closest resemblance to
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2 homo sapiens. This is due to three physical attributes, and one intellectual. The attacking group were larger and possessed a greater strength. They also were covered head to toe in fur, or hair. Lastly, their facial structure was different than that of the cave tribe. This implies that the attacking tribe is lower on the evolutionary ladder than the cave tribe. Also, due to the cave tribes harnessing of nature, clothing, and honing of weapons, they appear to have a greater intellect than the attacking tribe, which implies they are closer to modern man than the attacking tribe. 4. The loss of the fire suggests what would occur if they were unable to replace it, which was? The loss of the fire suggest and impending doom for the cave dwelling tribe. Because they have not yet harnessed the means to produce fire, now that their source is extinguished they cannot reproduce it. This might lead to death due to cold, starvation, and attacks by carnivorous wild life.
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Quest4fire - 1 Dr. Hooper World Civilization 1 20 September...

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