City of Washington Feby 24 1806

City of Washington Feby 24 1806 - City of Washington Sir...

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City of Washington Feby 24 1806 Sir, Accustomed to act as a __ of duty __; __ __ would think, with too little regard to personal conferences: particularly, having sometimes __ my __ to public and to private __, on subjects of public __, or of __ individual __, as the hazard of giving them offense: and impelled by the dangers of a measure of great nation concern ^(the intridiction of all commerce with St Domingo), now pending on the House of Representatives, where __ will tomorrow make it a law; I take the liberty to address you. For it is well understood to be a measure which, if you did not originate, you certainly approve, and __ __ to have immediately adopted. Your son-in-law, Sir __, this day told the House, that the French Government __ (in the English meaning of the word) the enacting of such a law, and that to render it deceptable, it must be promptly __. This sentiment. Sir, publickly expressed by your son-in-law, living under yourroof, and in your daily conversation, is __, as well by your friend as by your __ enemy, traced up to you on the source: and the measure in question, the apparently originating in the Senate ___ In the ordinary form of a law for your approbation, will be pronounced yours: and you will be held responsible, in more than your executive capacity, for all its conferences. These conferences, I am persuaded, have either not been thought of, or not duly weighed by many where vote is to guide )) to this project. Debating is pronounced by some to be a __ tyrant: but whatever __ many have been __ __ under her authority, have they been ___ - have they been __, in their nature ( in their extent t hey are comparatively nothing) these of the French revolution? When “infuriated men were __ for you once __ ) Through blood and slaughter, these long lost liberty?” If this __ even be __ apology for Frenchmen, will it not apply with ten-__ propriety + force, to the rude __ of St. Domingo? – If Frenchmen, when more free than the subject of any monarchy in Europe, the Englich excepted and only __ seeking greater freedom, the __ liberty of Englishmen, or of citizenry of the United States, - could find in __ an apology for cruel __ of which the world had ___ no example, - are the __, the wretched __ (“guilty,” minded, “of a __ not coloured like our own, “but of emancipated, and by __ National Act declared free; after __ + freedom many years; having __ it in __- _--__ to live free or die; are these men, not merely to be abandoned to their own efforts, but to be deprived of these __ supplies which for a series of years they have been accustomed to receive from the UStates, and __ which they cannot __? And are they to
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City of Washington Feby 24 1806 - City of Washington Sir...

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