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History 391E Professor Mayo-Bobee 9/27/07 The Constitution: The result of a political blender Revolution. This one word invokes an instinctual sense of patriotism in most Americans. Born and raised under the flag of this nation, reciting The Pledge every morning at school; our ‘history’ as it were is forced upon this nation’s youth at an early age. Unfortunately, the details and process of America’s birth are often forgotten and blurred over after one is done with formal education. The Constitution is the most important document contained within the United States. Alas, many people only have a vague idea of what is contained within the document. The ideas inside the Constitution transcend political ideologies, and coalesce into a conglomeration of the ‘best’ (arguably) aspects western society had to offer. But, what is the essence of the Constitution? Personally, I find the entire debate of the Constitution’s creation as being liberal or conservative to be irrelevant. Too often in our society do ‘labels’ come into play. A candidate for office cannot run without a party label, a musical album cannot be sold on shelves unless labeled as a specific genre, a rehabilitated individual cannot continue his/her life without the label of convict. The entire debate is ridiculous. Too often are titles and labeled needed or desired. If you cannot judge a person or event with an unbiased without knowing ‘what’ they are, then you can’t really judge anything. When the country was in disarray under the Articles of Confederation, leaders had to take action. The experiment that was America was soon to crumble and needed to be saved. When the
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intellectual elite met at the Constitution Convention, it is highly unlikely they were worried about which side of the political spectrum they were on. It is highly unlikely they were worried about what label would be given them. It is highly unlikely they were worried that a bunch of pseudo-intellectual students hundreds of years down the line would dissect every line they preach. The fledgling nation enduring : that is what the fathers of this country were concerned about. This question will not be answered. Time and again petty quarrels are brought up over labels: fruitless debate over irrelevancy. Only given life by an ivory tower dwelling intelligentsia , only brought to fruition to sound clever. To attempt to answer the question is to deride everything the founding fathers stood for, everything the common soldier bled for, everything mothers of the fallen wept for. One could argue one way or another. Using primary source documents and hypothetical situations to explain a rationale to attempt to impress a professor, to attempt to win a scholarship, to attempt to pad a graduate school application: this is not my way. I fully understand the scenario, I fully understand I will be marked down, I fully understand the consequences of failing this course. However, this is me. This is what I believe. I hereby roll the dice.
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response essay - History 391E Professor Mayo-Bobee The...

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