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Luther Questions - Dr. Hooper World Civ II 1/31/2006...

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Dr. Hooper World Civ II 1/31/2006 Introduction Martin Luther is a brilliant scholar and a man of God. He defied the religious liturgy that controlled the lives of Catholic Europeans of the 16 th century. During that period the Church and the State were operating in unison, which meant that an act of sin or crime was punishable by either. The purpose of this joint union was a scheme by monarchs that were considered benefactors and protectors of the Church, who defined what religion would be practiced in their realm. Their Objective was to create and maintain a uniform belief system that would be loyal to a religious doctrine as annunciated by the Church, who in turn would be loyal to the monarchy’s position of “divine right of kings.” Luther, and later Calvinism, questioned the Catholic doctrine of the period because the commonly used scriptures as enunciated were inaccurate as Luther saw it. This caused him to dispute some of the essential teachings of the church. Because of advancing technology in print media and the rise of literacy among the common people, the people were beginning to interpret original liturgy for themselves without the influence of the Church. The movie outlines the essential issues confronting the Church and State, ultimately leading to a reformation of European society. Regional princes and the powerful Church wielded a fast, firm and merciless grip on 16 th century Germany, but when Martin Luther issued a shocking challenge to their authority the people declared him their new leader and hero. Even when threatened with violent death, Luther refused to back down, sparking a bloody revolution that shakes the entire continent to its core. Questions for Analysis 1. What motivated Luther to challenge the authority of the Church? When Luther was sent to study theology, he was exposed to the pure text of the biblical scriptures. Seeing how the written word had become corrupted and HISTORY OF WORLD CIVILIZATION II The Effect of the Lutheran Doctrine on Monastic Rule in 1600 Europe
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Luther Questions - Dr. Hooper World Civ II 1/31/2006...

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