memo - To: From: Date: Re: Chief of Staff, POTUS Dec 3,...

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To: Chief of Staff, POTUS From: Date: Dec 3, 2007 Re: Draft Mr. President, I highly encourage a multi-sided approach to denounce the legislature H.R.393 currently active in our Congress. First, appearing in public is extremely important to what we are trying to accomplish here. Second, appearing publicly with members of the Democratic Party in opposition of the bill will both confuse and fluster our enemies. Lastly, you should appear with the armed forces. Here is why sir: With the Democratically controlled Congress currently in power, there really is no avenue of hope for having this bill passed. Even if we somehow get a few swing Democrats to vote on our side, the bill will most likely be toppled, as with most of our current legislative efforts. Therefore, it is in my humble opinion a new strategy be employed: strategic losses that favor our goals. Now is the time to be savvy within this government. Being allied with the Republican ideal can only get us so far, we MUST have certain Democrats willing to vote alongside us. If you were to seem to coincide with Democrats within Congress, it will be far easier to pass certain measures of which we find necessary. As expected, this is not a partisan issue. Red and blue states do not come into effect here, as most voters in fact do not want a draft. There is almost universal denouncement of such an idea. However, it is important to take advantage of the situation here. Go to usual Democratic swing states, and make it known you are well against the bill. This will not only endear you to
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many of the voters in the area, it will make a great photo op. These swings states in question will
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memo - To: From: Date: Re: Chief of Staff, POTUS Dec 3,...

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