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KIN 164 response2 - games before They may not have people...

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KIN 164 Response 2 The questions were provided by my Socio-cultural aspects instructor :) That's why it gets a bit repetitive and sociological :) Sports: Are institutionalized competitive activities that involve rigorous physical exertion or the use of relatively complex physical skills by participants motivated by internal and external rewards. This was just the definitions provided in the text, it actually goes on to say that people can classify sports in many different ways. We ended up having a 45 minute discussion one day on what sport actually is. Many people agreed with your definition. You actually side more so on a theory known as the Functionalist View, which is actually what about 90% of the population goes with- functionalists are the most positive ones when it comes to looking at sports, these questions are based more with a critical/conflict theorist idea in mind. LOL. Badminton, have you ever seen professional badminton
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Unformatted text preview: games before? They may not have people tackling them but they sure are intense and physically exerting! I totally agree with you on the Title Nine deal. We should be changing societal constructs not forcing people to change. It won't solve anything, except make them more resentful and bitter. That's interesting with the MLS deal I didn't know about that. And about the comment with the NHL not fouling or giving fines, they actually had something for a short period of time [televised] where the football league was purely about violence and goal making, anything goes essentially. Can't remember the name of it but it was a big bust. I'll go back and see if I can figure it out but your comment reminded me about it---Haha, I wish I could be bored. I have two midterms and some papers due before I get back to school. :( Doesn't really feel like spring break to me at all :/...
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KIN 164 response2 - games before They may not have people...

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