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Evaluating health promotion programs 3-25-08

Evaluating health promotion programs 3-25-08 - Evaluating...

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Evaluating health promotion programs The what and why of evaluation o What is evaluation? To judge or determine the orth or quality of The comparision of an object of interest against a standard of acceptability o Objects of interest Quality of life, health status, behavioral factors etc Standards of acceptability Some reasons to evaluate o Demonstrate worth of program o Compare different types of programs o Meet requirements of your funding source o Provide information about the program o Determine the rate and level of attainment Outcomes Goals Objectives o Provide feedback on/assess program accomplishments A good evaluationshould be included as a component of a program Measurement & Evaluation o Evaluation is… Comparison of an object with a standard of acceptability
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Based on some predetermined set of criteria Ex. Well written objectives o Measurement is..
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