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Health Locus of Control 3-4-08

Health Locus of Control 3-4-08 - Powerful Others the extent...

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Health Locus of Control o Internals Believe they can master or alter the environment Assume an active approach to avoiding problems Believe their health is attributable to their behaviors o Externals Believe they are at the mercy of the social environment Are less likely to use available resources to avoid problems Externals believe they have no control over their health. They attribute their health status to powerful others, fate, or luck. Multidimensional Health Locus of Control o Consist of 3 dimensions: Internality- one’s capacity to influence his/her own health
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Unformatted text preview: Powerful Others- the extent to which doctors, nurses, and others affect health Chance- health is merely an effect of luck or fate Examples of Statements on the MHLC o Subscale A-Internal If I get sick, it is my own behavior that determines how soon I get better. o B-Powerful Others Having reg contact w/ my doc is the best way for me to avoid illness o C- Chance No matter what I do, if I am going to get sick, I will get sick...
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