Practice Settings for Health Education 4-24-08

Practice Settings for Health Education 4-24-08 - Health...

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Practice Settings for Health Education o School Health Education Instructing of school-age children about health and health-related behaviors. Provide for all the health needs of the children and adolescents attending school: Examples- school lunch, health screenings, phys ed etc o Community / public health education To monitor and improve the health of the public they serve education, and mobilization of community members in actions for resoving health issues and problems which effect the community o Worksite health promotion On-site programs offered by business and industry Originated out of industrial medicine / occupational health Worksite programs usually contain: o EDUCATION ACTIVITIES o Organizational activities o Environmental activities Typically, health promotion program addresses Injury prevention Exercise Control of smoking Stress management Alcohol and other drug abuse o Now expanded to include
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Unformatted text preview: Health Education in Colleges and Universities o Academic SIDE PROFESSIONAL PREPARATION PROGRAMS • REQUIRES a terminal degree (phd edd) • Teaching • Community and professional service • Scholarly research o Staff side / health service or wellness center Adjunct faculty member • Plan, implement, and evaluate health promotion and education programs for the target population • Maintaining a resource library • Counseling on-on-one with students • Developing and coordinating a peer education programsspeaking to residence halls, frats, etc History of Role Delineation and certification o National Task Force on the Preparation and Practice of Health Educators Role Delineation: Defining the role of the health ed speat o Credentialing-Define o Certification- Define o Licensure o Accreditation Certified Health Ed Spet o...
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Practice Settings for Health Education 4-24-08 - Health...

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