The+History+of+Health+and+Health+Education-notes 1-24-2008

The+History+of+Health+and+Health+Education-notes 1-24-2008...

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The History of Health and Health Education In order to know where we are going, we need to understand where we have been…. . Historical Health Timeline : Putting Advancements into Perspective The History of Health Early Humans o Medicine man/woman o Used plants to treat a variety of diseases Through ingestion (hot tea or ground up) As a topical treatment for a wound or other injury Early Efforts at Community Health o Smith Papyri (1600 b.c.) Code of Hammurabi (King of Babylon) o Contained laws about public health practices including Egyptians Priest were “health care providers” Remained primitive, relied on spells Believed the cause of disease was demonic ( a god seeking revenge), the ill will of an enemy, or anger of the dead Used a variety of substances to heal with the idea of repelling the evil spirit causing the disease Greeks- first people to put emphasis on prevention o Asclepius- god of medicine Hygeia- daughter of Asclepius, goddess of health Panacea, daughter of Asclepius- goddess of healing, ability to treat disease Caduceus –staff and serpent symbol of the physician Hippocrates (460 b.c.)- developed theory of disease causation, based his belief that all
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The+History+of+Health+and+Health+Education-notes 1-24-2008...

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