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Musical Forms - Improvisation Syncopation off the beat...

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Musical Forms / Terms for review Strophic- identical music verse to verse- typically in ballads and hymns 12 bar blues- 12 measure progression of a typical chord/ harmonic pattern Blue poetic form- aab Tin-pan Alley form- aab Verse- chorus (aaba) Pop Song Structure - Verse/ Refrain (chorus) Roots of Jazz Popular Songs Blues Ragtime New Orleans Brass Bands Gospel Characteristics of Jazz - Swing rhythms (long short long short ect)
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Unformatted text preview: - Improvisation- Syncopation- off the beat- Typical Instruments- Saxophones- Trumpet- Trombone- Drum Set- Bass- Piano Similarities between new Orleans and Chicago jazz High energy Rhythmic vitality Usually led by: Clarinet Trumpet Trombone No notation Group improvisation Rhythm section responsible for time Frequent “stop time” breaks “fill” embellishment...
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