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Sarah Yanow HM 700 Final Dr. Johnson 5/27/08 1.) a. Give a brief summary of the focus of this issue. The lecture on ethics surrounding hospitality industry focused mainly on 10 issues. Dr. George said that if all ten issues were performed properly, one can turn their dream into reality. The characteristics named included remaining positive, being specific in ones goals, taking action, never stopping learning, focusing ones time and money, dealing with people and communicating effectively. This lecture was based around ideas on how to better ones self as a human being and also how to effectively, in an ethical manner, make oneself successful. The lecture also presented a number of different meanings for ethics. One being, “ethics have to do with what my feelings tell me is right or wrong” (Dr. George). This lecture also addressed organizational misbehaviors and explained ways to deal with impractical ethics in the business industry. Overall this was a lecture geared towards educating students on sound practices of business ethics, and provides useful information for those entering a career in hospitality management. b. Discuss your assessment of the issue and the potential importance of the issue to you as a future manager and leader in the hospitality industry. As a future leader in the hospitality management field, it is extremely important to me that I remain calm at all times and react in a professional way that can be reflected upon those employees around me. To do so I will need to have sound, set ethical practices that both encourage customer retention and make one feel we are abiding by the law. If I was a manager and acted in an unethical manner, perhaps by hitting an
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employee or lying to a client about my business, not only would I be hurting my reputation and risking my job but I would also be hurting the company’s image. By understanding the ethics behind hospitality management, I will gain a competitive advantage over those managers and companies that do not display ethical actions. 2.) a. Give a brief assessment of how Mr. Danis’ application of practical ethics differed from that provided by Dr. George. In comparing Mr. Danis’ lecture from Dr. George’s lecture, both classes were taught by very different individuals in the hospitality industry. One, Dr. George, is a college professor with industry experience and Mr. Danis is a lawyer/ restaurant entrepreneurs who decided to buy a restaurant with his wife because they thought it would be “fun.” In Mr. Danis’ address to the class, he had us workout a number of different scenarios of ethics in the hospitality industry and had a few different students voluntarily pick out what was wrong or right with each scenario. Dr. George taught the class by presenting a power-point presentation with
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take home final-700 - Sarah Yanow HM 700 Final Dr. Johnson...

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