Ch01 - Chapter 1 If Not You.Who? OBJECTIVE 1: DESCRIBE TWO...

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Chapter 1 If Not You…Who? OBJECTIVE 1: DESCRIBE TWO TYPES OF EMERGENCIES THAT REQUIRE FIRST AID. Class: Recall, Difficulty: Average 1. _________ and _______ are two types of emergencies that require first aid. Sudden illness and injury OBJECTIVE 2: DESCRIBE YOUR ROLE IN AN EMERGENCY. Class: Interpret, Difficulty: Easy 2. True or false: The first responder’s role in the EMS system is the same as the role of the citizen responder. False Class: Interpret, Difficulty: Average 3. The citizen responder’s first step in an emergency is— a. Recognizing that an emergency exists. b. Giving first aid. c. Deciding to act. d. Activating the EMS system. Class: Analyze, Difficulty: Easy You are visiting with a friend. The friend’s toddler is playing in the living room when you hear a crash and all the lights in the house go out. You enter the living room and see the toddler lying face-down on the floor. A broken lamp is nearby and the carpeting near the lamp is burned. Match the situations in this scenario with the appropriate common indicator of an emergency. 4. d Crash 5. a Broken lamp 6. b Toddler lying face-down on the floor 7. c Burned carpet a. Unusual sight
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b. Unusual behavior c. Unusual smell d. Unusual noise Class: Recall, Difficulty: Hard 8. List four common indicators of an emergency. Unusual noises Unusual sights Unusual smells Unusual appearance or behavior Class: Apply, Difficulty: Average 9. You work in a laboratory facility. Someone is conducting experiments in the next lab. You hear a noise that sounds like ‘pop,’ followed by the crash of glass. As you approach the lab door, you notice a foul smell coming from under the door. You shout through the closed door but get no answer. You call 9-1-1 or the
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Ch01 - Chapter 1 If Not You.Who? OBJECTIVE 1: DESCRIBE TWO...

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