Ch03 - Chapter 3 Before Giving Care OBJECTIVE 1 LIST FOUR...

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Chapter 3 Before Giving Care OBJECTIVE 1: LIST FOUR CONDITIONS THAT MUST BE PRESENT FOR DISEASE TRANSMISSION TO OCCUR. Class: Recall, Difficulty: Average Match the following definitions with their key words or phrases: 1. d Pathogen 2. c Injury 3. a First aid 4. b Emergency 5. e Sudden illness a. Immediate care given to a victim of injury or sudden illness b. A situation requiring immediate action c. Damage that occurs when the body is subjected to an external force, such as a blow d. A disease-causing agent (also called a microorganism) e. A physical condition requiring immediate medical attention OBJECTIVE 2: IDENTIFY TWO WAYS IN WHICH A PATHOGEN CAN ENTER THE BODY. Class: Recall, Difficulty: Average 6. True or false: The highest risk of disease transmission is unprotected direct or indirect contact with infected blood. True OBJECTIVE 3: DESCRIBE HOW TO MINIMIZE THE RISK OF DISEASE TRANSMISSION WHEN GIVING CARE IN A SITUATION THAT INVOLVES VISIBLE BLOOD. Class: Apply, Difficulty: Easy 7. You come upon the scene of an accident and you see one person obviously injured with a cut on the forehead. What precautions against disease transmission would you take when caring for the injured person? a. Check the scene for pathogens. b. Wear disposable gloves to avoid contact with body substances, such as blood, saliva and vomit.
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c. Disinfect the scene before giving first aid. d. Carefully inspect your hands for bruises before approaching the victim. Class: Recall, Difficulty: Easy 8. Describe two steps you can take to minimize the risk of disease transmission between you and the victim. Avoid contact with the victim’s body substances. Place barriers between the victim’s body substances and yourself.
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Ch03 - Chapter 3 Before Giving Care OBJECTIVE 1 LIST FOUR...

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