Ch14 - Chapter 14 Injuries to the Chest Abdomen and Pelvis...

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Chapter 14 Injuries to the Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis OBJECTIVE 1: EXPLAIN WHY INJURIES TO THE CHEST, ABDOMEN AND PELVIS CAN BE FATAL. Class: Interpret, Difficulty: Average 1. Explain why injuries to the chest, abdomen and pelvis can be fatal. The chest, abdomen and pelvis contain many organs important to life. Bones and internal organs can be damaged, resulting in severe internal bleeding and trouble breathing. Injuries to the spine can cause loss of feeling and paralysis. 2. An injury to the spleen can be severe and quickly fatal because the spleen— a. Is attached to the intestines, which can cause food to spill into the abdomen. b. Contains bile, which can leak into the abdomen causing infection. c. Connects to the stomach, and you cannot live without a stomach. d. Stores blood and an injury can cause severe loss of blood. Class: Recall, Difficulty: Hard 3. The leading cause of trauma deaths each year is— a. Chest injuries. b. Knife or bullet wounds. c. Fractured ribs that puncture internal organs. d. Automobile accidents and sports injuries. OBJECTIVE 2: LIST THE SEVEN SIGNALS OF CHEST INJURY. Class: Interpret, Difficulty: Average 4. A wound that causes injury to the chest but does not break the skin is called a(n) _____. Closed chest wound Class: Apply, Difficulty: Hard, 5. You approach the scene of a vehicle accident. The driver of one vehicle appears to have been thrown violently against the steering wheel of the car. You suspect that the driver might have a closed chest wound. List five signals this victim might have. Trouble breathing
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Severe pain at the injury Flushed, pale or bluish skin Obvious deformity Coughing up blood Bruising Sucking noise when the victim breathes Class: Recall, Difficulty: Average 6. A victim who is coughing up blood, is having trouble breathing and has bruising on his or her shoulder might be suffering from—
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Ch14 - Chapter 14 Injuries to the Chest Abdomen and Pelvis...

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