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Brain+Anatomy+Lecture - The Most Amazing Organ"The...

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Unformatted text preview: The Most Amazing Organ "The Brain" Brain Anatomy A general overview...the brain Is the control center for functions of the body Allows us to cope with our environment Controls our words, actions, thoughts & feelings Contains parts that have specific and important functions Parts contribute to the healthy functioning of our body Is so complex that some theorists believe we will never be able to fully understand it Brain Stem Located at the bottom of the brain & connects the cerebellum to the spinal cord It controls motor & sensory pathways, cardiac & respiratory functions and reflexes Broca's Area The function of this area is the understanding of language, speech, and the control of facial neurons Cerebellum Located at the lower back of the head & is connected to the brain stem It is the 2nd largest structure of the brain & is made up of two hemispheres It controls complex motor functions such as walking, balance, posture, and general motor coordination Cerebrum This is the largest part of the brain It has 2 halves, each controlling the opposite side of the body 4 lobes make up the 2 halves...the frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital It is associated with conscious thought, movement & sensation Frontal Lobe It controls: attention behavior abstract thinking problem solving creative thought emotion intellect initiative judgment coordinated movements muscle movements smell, reactions, & personality Hypothalamus In partnership with the pituitary gland that controls the hormonal processes of the body as well as mood, hunger, thirst, and temperature Motor Cortex Located in the middle, top part of the brain It helps control movement in various parts of the body Occipital Lobe Is located in the back of the head and controls vision Parietal Lobe One of the 4 lobes of the cerebral hemisphere It controls tactile sensations, response to internal stimuli, some language, reading, and some visual functions Pituitary Gland Is a small, bean-size organ located at the base of the brain It secretes many essential hormones for growth & sexual maturation Sensory Cortex Located in the middle of the brain It receives information from the spinal column about the sense of touch, pressure, pain It also perceives the position of body parts & their movement Temporal Lobe Another 1 of the 4 lobes of the cerebral hemisphere It controls auditory and visual memories, language, some hearing and speech, language, plus some behavior Thalamus Located near the center of the brain It controls input and output to & from the brain Also, the sensation of pain and attention Wernicke's Area Part of the temporal lobe It assists in understanding and formulating speech Damage in this area causes deficits in understanding spoken language Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) A clear substance that circulates in the brain & spinal cord It provides nutrients & cushions the brain A brain tumor can cause a buildup or blockage of CSF ...
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