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Section: ______ Name: ______________________________ Section Instructor: ______________________________ Assignment 2: Electric Potential and Capacitance Concepts: electric potential energy electric potential potential due to point charges equipotential surfaces potential of charged isolated conductor capacitance parallel-plate capacitor energy stored in a capacitor & energy density capacitor with a dielectric Reading in text: Chapter 24: Sections 1-7, 10-12. Chapter 25: Sections 1, 2, 3abc, 4-7. Assignment: Solutions posted on Wednesday, February 7. Quiz may be given on or after Tuesday, February 13. 1. In an electron gun of an oscilloscope or TV set, an electron starts from rest at the surface of electrode 1 and is accelerated towards electrode 2, passing through a small hole there. The electrodes are connected to a voltage source that keeps a constant potential difference Δ V (usually referred to as just V ) between them. (a) Label the terminals of the voltage source + and . Which electrode is at a higher electric potential? (b) If the distance between the electrodes was increased while keeping Δ V fixed, how would the electric field between the electrodes change? Please explain. (c) What effect would the change described in the previous part have on the final speed of an electron passing through the hole in electrode 2? Please explain. voltage source V 1 2 2. A spherical metal shell with inner radius b and outer radius c has a net charge of + . Q (a) Write an expression for the electric field E r as a function of distance r from the shell’s center for each of the three regions: r c > , b r c << , and r b < . Let positve and negative values of E r
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ASSIGN2 - Section: _ Name: _ Section Instructor: _...

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