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COM 374 McGarrity Name (LAST, FIRST): ____Yasui, Heather _______ Sec: __BB _____ Reading Response #1 Due: Friday, Apr. 11 Readings : Supplemental (Ohio State University); Ch. 41 (Kemp & Smith); Ch. 14 (Pinker) 1) Discuss any two of the animal communication systems mentioned in the Kemp & Smith chapter. For each, provide examples of two design features, discussed and described in the Ohio State chapter, that the systems either do or do not exhibit. Be explicit. Two examples of the animal communication systems mentioned in the Kemp & Smith chapter include the dance of the honeybee ( Apis mellifera ), and the calls and songs of birds. The dance of the honeybee exhibits the design features such as having discreteness (since they can break the dance apart in their meaning), and interchangeability (where they can send and receive messages by understanding a dance and send a message by demonstrating one). However, the dance of the honeybee fails to exhibit productivity and for the most part, arbitrariness. The
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