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RR_3_s08 - COM 374 McGarrity Name(LAST FIRST_Yasui Heather...

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Unformatted text preview: COM 374 McGarrity Name (LAST, FIRST): ____Yasui, Heather ________ Section: __AR__ Reading Response #3 Due: Friday, April 25 Readings : Ch. 3 (Emmorey); Ch. 46 (Wolkomir); Supplemental online (Solomon -- NY Times) 1) Because the mode of communication for signed and spoken languages is so different, the similarities between them are often overlooked. However, similarities between them do exist and can offer insights into the most fundamental characteristics of human language. Discuss and provide examples of two characteristics discussed by Emmorey and two characteristics discussed by Wolkomir that are shared by signed and spoken languages. In the Wolkomir reading, two characteristics between spoken human language and sign language include a degree of arbitrariness and productivity. It is discussed that sign language includes the “key ingredient” of grammar. The investigator, Ursula Bellugi, and colleagues discussed how this connects to a quality of arbitrariness as a person may refer to people or...
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