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COM 374 McGarrity Name (LAST, FIRST): Yasui, Heather ____________ Section: ___BB___ Reading Response #5 Due: Friday, May 16 Readings 1) Provide at least three examples discussed by Peterson and/or Roberts of how historical events, settlement patterns, and/or geographical features all contributed to the distinct regional varieties of American English that survive today. In Peterson, it is mentioned how there were Native American influences on English such was the addition of words in English such as “Manhattan”, “squash”, “Appalachia”, and “toboggan”. This proves to be a geographical and settlement feature which contributed to American English as clearly, the proximity between American settlers and interaction between Native Americans affected our language in such a way. It was also mentioned that “toboggan” seemed to have entered through Canadian French in the North. Differences in settlements and major events such as the Civil War are also discussed in how
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