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COM 374 McGarrity Name (LAST, FIRST): ________Yasui,Heather _______ Section: ____BB ____ Reading Response #6 Due: Friday, May 23 Readings : Ch. 27 Oakland School Board Resolution; Ch. 28 Rickford; Ch. 33 Caldas & Caron- Caldas; Supplemental online (King; Hayakawa) 1) According to Rickford, what are some of the theories behind the origin of Ebonics (or African American English)? How did this factor into the Oakland School Board resolution to incorporate Ebonics in the classroom? As mentioned in Rickford’s article, Ebonics is more of another dialect of English – as most of those who speak it can understand most other English dialects and vice versa. While Ebonics may differ from Standard English [SE] by varying its verb tenses, etc.—it still holds its ties to English lexically and carries phonological differences that several other English dialects share as well, such as with Southern dialects. Rickford also mentions some words that originated from the African American community which have been picked up among other vernacular
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ReadResp6 - COM 374 McGarrity Name (LAST, FIRST):...

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