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COM 374 McGarrity Name (LAST, FIRST): _______Yasui, Heather _____ Section: ___BB ___ Reading Response #7 Due: Friday, May 30 Readings : Ch. 36 Talbot; Ch. 37 Johnson; Ch. 38 Tannen 1) Provide some examples of linguistic differences between men and women’s speech, as discussed by Talbot, and of behavioral differences between men and women’s speech as discussed by Johnson and Tannen. Explain why some of these differences may be better described as power differences, rather than differences based solely on gender. In Talbot, examples of linguistic differences between men and women’s speech included the way in which some languages use their own pronoun system and vary upon how they specify the gender of someone or some object. Some examples provided include how Germanic languages such as English, refer to a third person in a conversation by specifying its sex. Romance languages also tend to do this, but specify the third person in plural forms. The Japanese pronoun
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