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08CompanyCultureReport - discuss implications of findings...

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Company Culture Report To turn in on Thursday, January 30 th : You will research and report on a business or professional organization of your choice. You will analyze the organization’s interpersonal, organizational, and public communication. You will seek to gain a better understanding of the organization’s culture and to identify key skills and characteristics employees must possess to be successful. You should strive to utilize diverse sources of information (such as published material, internet, company materials, etc.) – be creative and innovative in your gathering of information in addition to utilizing traditional resources. A 3-4 page report should introduce and orient the reader to the business or organization, describe your methods of investigation, analyze findings, and
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Unformatted text preview: discuss implications of findings for one wishing to engage in a business relationship with this particular company or organization. This is not intended to be an in-depth research report as such that an insider could do. You are not to interview an employee as a main source, rather you are to explore how to learn as much as you can about a company from the ‘outside’, before direct contact is made. Grades will be determined based on the following grid: Company Culture Report 25 points Content 1. communication 2. culture 3. employee skills/ characteristics 4. nature of investigation 5. implications Other 1. use of published materials 2. use of other material 3. 3-4 pages 4. Craftsmanship (typos, format, etc.) 5. overall impact (organization, word choice, readability, etc....
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