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Informational Interview You will interview a professional in a field/career you may be interested in pursuing, or who holds a job that you would like to have. The assignment will consist of doing some background research on the field, developing a list of questions to be used in the interview, selecting the interviewee, conducting the interview (15 – 30 minutes), preparing a thank you letter, and submitting a summary write-up, including the interview questions. This is to be done face to face if possible and by telephone if face to face is not possible. You may not use email exchanges for this assignment. Your focus will be on what the employer’s and the field’s communication needs are. Once the needs have been listed, ask the interviewee to rate the importance of interpersonal, organizational, team, speaking, written communication, and presentational skills for their employees. Reflect and address in your report how important communication skills were to the interviewee. It may be helpful to read pages 206-209 in the text. To turn in on Tuesday, February 19 th : 1. A 2-4 page report summarizing why the field/career/position is intriguing to you, how you researched and prepared for the interview, how you selected your
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08InformationalInterviewAssignment - Informational...

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