08JobUnitAssignments - "Job Search etc Unit As a class we...

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“Job Search, etc” Unit As a class, we have moved into the Job Search, etc unit. Our core assignment for this unit is the mock interview. Although the different parts of the assignment are considered separately for task and grading purposes, they all link together in the job search effort. Basically, we are pretending to find a job that we would indeed want, although we are NOT PRETENDING to have background or experience that we do not have. We are working to assess, recognize, and effectively communicate what our backgrounds, experience, studies, and attributes are – in general first and then specific to our selected real-life job ad/position. It cannot be the job you currently have. Since your grade is strongly related to how well you sell yourself for the job, choose a reasonable posting/position for where you are at in your career. Reach high and find a kind of position in a type of company or organization that you might like to apply for after school, but not one that is so far out of your reach at this point in your career or in the near future that the efforts for the assignment are absurd. Part I: Bring to class on Thursday, March 27 th : 1. two copies of an actual and current job advertisement/posting – including where it was found a. Don’t make one up and don’t use an old one 2. two copies of your resume catered to that job position a. remember to include a job objective for this assignment, although you may choose not to use one in a future real-life job search b. for class, the objective will clarify for ourselves as well as our “interviewers” what our specific
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08JobUnitAssignments - "Job Search etc Unit As a class we...

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