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Unformatted text preview: INFORMATIVE SPEECH Reflective Essay Prepare this evaluation based on how you feel about your presentation. This assignment should be approximately two pages typed. It should be double-spaced in a 12 pt standard font with 1" margins on white paper in black ink. Please integrate the questions in each category into a thoughtful response. Each question category should represent at least one typed paragraph. Reminder: This assessment should help prepare you for your final presentation. Introduction Did the introduction effectively gain the audience's attention? Did it establish relevance and credibility? Did the introduction reveal the central idea as well as prepare the audience for the rest of the speech? Body Conclusion Delivery Was there a clear explanation of the main points? Were the main points supported with evidence/examples/explanation? Were transitions used? Were sources cited? Were they credible? Did you plan the conclusion to summarize the main points? Did you do this in the presentation? Was the conclusion memorable? How was your clincher? Did you use an extemporaneous speaking style? Do you remember gesturing? Do you remember making eye contact? Was it sufficient? Do you feel your delivery was articulate and loud enough for all to hear? What were the main strengths of your delivery? What were the main areas of your delivery to work on? Recognizing the fact that performance anxiety is normal during speaking, what were you able to do to channel this anxiety productively? What symptoms of this anxiety will you expect in your next speech? How will you plan to channel those effectively? Overall, what were the main strengths of the speech? In what areas do you need to improve? Summary ...
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