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Communication for Business and the Professions COM 259, SLN# 10306 The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, Arizona State University Spring 2008 Instructor: Stacey Miner Office: Mathews Hall 222 Email: [email protected] Office phone: 480.965.7958 Office Hours: Wed 1:45PM – 3:15PM; Thurs 3:00PM – 4:30PM (and by appointment) Overview of the Course: This course introduces the basics of professional communication in the workplace to non- communication majors. The course attends to both theory and practice in interpersonal, small group, organizational, and public communication. Additionally, this course requires students to individually and collectively develop public speaking skills including researching, organizing, and delivering speeches. Required Materials: Textbook: Goodall, H. L., & Goodall, S. (2006). Communicating in professional contexts: Skills, ethics, and technologies (2 nd Edition). Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. Instructor Expectations: Each time that we meet, you should expect that I will: Arrive to class on time, prepared, and organized Maintain a positive learning environment in the classroom Respect each student as a person and a learner Demonstrate enthusiasm toward the subject matter I will be available in my office during my office hours. I will respond to emails as soon as possible and not more than 48 hours later (weekends excluded) Student Expectations: Each time that we meet, I will expect you to: Arrive to class on time ready to participate Respect each other and the instructor Positively contribute to class discussion and activities Ask for help when needed I expect you to keep in touch with the communication channels available via email and blackboard. There will be a variety or resources for you and I periodically post/email 1
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important announcements. Classroom Climate : Show your classmates courtesy and contribute to a professional environment by: Avoiding talking, eating, doodling, or sleeping while someone else is presenting or speaking Coming to class on time - if you are late and someone is giving a speech, please wait outside and slip in during the applause Turning your cell phone off before every class period Treating everyone in the classroom with respect, which includes: Being mindful and respectful to others' opinions, values, and beliefs Refraining from using potentially offensive language Attendance Policy : Attendance is required. The only "excused" absences are: Religious holidays University-sponsored events (athletic teams, debate and forensics, etc.) A documented extreme illness or emergency (i.e., car accidents, death in the family, etc.) In all three cases, for an absence to be excused you will need to provide me with appropriate documentation. If you are going to miss class for religious holidays or university-sponsored events, please notify me at least two weeks in advance so that appropriate accommodations can be made. I will not offer make-up speeches or quizzes or
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