psyc_note4 - "Question of Belonging" Being solo...

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“Question of Belonging” Terms: belonging uncertainty, attributional ambiguity, stereotype threat (see handout) Out-group doesn’t know how to interpret the behaviors of the in-group. Experiment I: Fig 1- blacks were drastically less likely to list eight friends. Blacks are socially stigmatized group but their salience is not the outcome. Pilot experiment II: testing to check the level of uncertainty for minorities. Experiment II, stage 2: treatment- academic hardship is common among all racial groups. Participants are trying to achieve internalization by choice, example: a prochoicer choose to write about prolife (write a counter attitude condition). Fig 2- blacks in the treatment group rated themselves higher than any other group, including the black control group. Treatment was the independent variable. It was induced to have a lower sense of belonging. It’s not because of race, instead it’s general to what every one feels.
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psyc_note4 - "Question of Belonging" Being solo...

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