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Research Paper - Drug is a word we have heard since we have...

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Drug is a word we have heard since we have been born. People can see it as both a positive word, that saves lives every day and something that people can result in death either directly or indirectly. There are types of drugs we see in society, illegal and legal drugs. Depending on the location in the world these can be interchangeable for a certain type of drug. Some Drugs can be obtained as easily as walking into a pharmacy and purchasing them, while other drugs require us to know “Drug Dealers” to get a certain type. Drugs have existed since the dawn of time they have been used for healing as well as for recreational usage. So many of the drugs we have today are actually derived from extracts of plants and are not just chemically synthesized. Drugs can not only have an effect on the body but can have an effect on the mind. It can create undesired side effects on a person while the body is absorbing the chemicals in the drug. But what is a drug, really? Is it something good for you, something bad, perhaps both? According to Oxford English Dictionary it is: Noun 1 a medicine or other substance which has a marked effect when taken into the body. 2 a substance with narcotic or stimulant effects. Based on these definitions of the word “Drug” it can be any type of substance that can have an effect on the body. Does that suggest that even something that we ingest so often such as sugar would be considered a drug? After all anyone who has ever experienced a “sugar rush” knows that it has effect on your body as well as it is also a chemical substance. Does it mean that because you enjoy eating candy and junk food, you are a drug user? Most people would disagree by stating that society views a drug user as a person using only illegal drugs. The question then becomes what makes some drugs illegal while others are perfectly legal. A typical response from an average citizen would be that it is not good for your health, which is why it is illegal. But one can contradict that by saying that there are drugs far worse for a
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Research Paper - Drug is a word we have heard since we have...

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