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The Birthmark - Sarovar Chandra WRT 102 The Birthmark...

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Sarovar Chandra WRT 102 The Birthmark - Questions What is the meaning of the title of the story? Who has a birthmark? Georgina, the wife of Aylmer is the woman who possesses the birthmark. She is a woman of immense beauty except for a birthmark on her face. This birthmark is considered a part of her beauty by many a men. However her husband Aylmer doesn’t like it. He is a man of science and is always looking and demanding perfection from things around him. The title of the story is basically an insight into the obsession of Aylmer into Georgina’s birthmark. Why does Georgiana listen to Aylmer? Does she know what the effect of the potion will have on her? Georgina doesn’t know what effect the potion might have on her. However the only reason she goes along with Aylmer is because he dislikes the Birthmark a lot. She on the other hand is a very devoted wife who wants to fulfill her husband’s every wish. This is the sole reason why she decides to go along with Aylmer who wants to get rid of the birthmark.
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