I Am the Enemy

I Am the Enemy - Sarovar Chandra WRT 102 I Am the Enemy An...

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Sarovar Chandra WRT 102 I Am the Enemy – An Analysis Is testing drugs meant for humans, on animals ethical? In his article Dr. Ron Karpati almost sounds upset and downbeat about the way the animal rights’ activists go on harping about how there should be no testing of drugs on animals. He feels that the animal activists do not understand how critical animal testing is of drugs. These drugs are very important in prolonging human life. The author makes several claims both scientific as well as humanitarian to make us understand that the testing of some drugs and experiments are of vital importance. The author starts off by talking about how medical science and advancements have over the years helped people old and young alike prolong their lives by a considerable amount. Diseases that were fatal at a time are now curable thanks to medical advancements. The tone of the author is quite emotional when he writes, “I became a pediatrician because of my love for children and my desire to keep them healthy … I also saw children, alive and healthy, thanks to advances in medical science such as infant respirators, potent antibiotics, new surgical techniques and the entire field of organ transplantation.” The author admits in his essay that medical science still has a long way to go. There is a tone of despondency in his writing. It becomes more apparent in the following paragraph where he writes, “My accusers claim that I
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I Am the Enemy - Sarovar Chandra WRT 102 I Am the Enemy An...

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