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Many of us have heard of people with type A personality. Living in a fast-paced environment is difficult not to develop with such personality, especially places like New York or Hong Kong. Daily hassles are the most common source of stress that all of us are encountering, and the accumulation of daily hassles contributes more to illness than do major life events. What’s disastrous is that type A people tend to view stress more negatively than others. For instance, just by waiting in a slow line traffic or checking out in a supermarket is enough to trigger their anger button to alarm. Their behavior is characterized by extremes of competitiveness and sense of time urgency and hostility, which constitutes a higher risk factor for coronary heart disease. As the professor talked about hostility have been found to be the main factor that causes CHD. Hostile people
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Unformatted text preview: are less health conscious due to time urgency with their unlimited tasks, and are physiologically reactive. In tense social situations, they exhibit more intense cardiovascular reactions causing the system to overwork. Besides hostility may increase risks for CHD, stress also compromises the body’s immune system. Since stress is a subjective matter brought on by one’s own perception, I feel that learning how to cope or think objectively should be highly promoted in our society. Though I also believe that stress may have positive impact to us as well; it allows us to adapt to new circumstances. However, there has no support that positive stressors are as harmful as negative stressors. Hardiness’s personality style, which emphasizes on commitment, challenge, and control, has taught me that perception of control is the most important factor in serving as a buffer against stress....
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