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PHED: 160 – Stress Management Study-Guide 1. When learning to meditate, a reclined position is preferred over a straight back position? a. TRUE 2. Complete the cyclical pattern of the stages of change model discussed in lecture a. Contemplation Action Decision Maintenance Pre-contemplation 3. Using as many senses as possible during imagery will? a. Making it more realistic 4. One way to improve communication is by substituting the word “ and ” for the word but .” 5. Research has shown that many Olympic athletes reported using imagery prior/during competition a. TRUE 6. A time management technique in which tasks are prioritized as known a. A,B,C Lists 7. Which of the following was not on the “styles of procrastination” list in class a. Perfectionists 8. Self-efficacy is improved in all ways except a. Material reinforcement 9. Expressing yourself and satisfying your own needs while not hurting others in the process is known as a. Assertive Behavior 10. Anxiety is a realistic fear that manifests itself into psychological fear a. FALSE – unrealistic 11. Humor has been shown to decrease the function of the immune system.
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Stress_Management_Midterm - PHED 160 Stress Management...

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