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White Owl Cigar Advertisement - Sarovar Chandra WRT...

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Unformatted text preview: Sarovar Chandra WRT 102 #105978095 W H I T E O WL C I GAR A DVER T ISE M E N T A N A NALYT ICA L S T U DY The White Owl cigar advertisement that came out in 1918 targets the sentiments of the American Public during that time period. The war had just ended in 1918 and the American troops had been victorious. The soldiers were returning from Europe around this time. Unlike today, the soldiers back then were given heroes’ welcome back home. They were looked up to and people wanted to celebrate their achievements. The advertisement panders to this emotion of the people. There are plenty of instances that would substantiate this point. The most visible thing in the advert is obviously the large image. An American Soldier holds a White Owl cigar between his teeth and is grinning from ear to ear. He is in his army uniform. Smoking cigars is something that can be positively related to ‘manliness’ and ‘being cool’. And I feel that what better way could there be to show manliness than an American Veteran – a soldier who has survived and returned from the biggest war in history until then. There is text to the right of the soldier that says, “We smash ‘em HARD”. This refers to the way the soldiers handled the Germans in the war. I feel that this has been put in to let the audience know that no mercy was spared when the troops dealt with the Germans. The advertisers want to cash in on the American publics’ desire to know how the war was fought. This description of the war glorifies the American soldiers and also the customer who buys the White Owl Cigar....
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White Owl Cigar Advertisement - Sarovar Chandra WRT...

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